Miami Class of 2016

Strategic Communications:

COM 135 Public Expression and Critical Inquiry
COM 143 Introduction to Media
COM 259 Introduction to Strategic Communications and Public Relations
COM 359 Strategic Communications Planning
COM 436 Intercultural Communication
IMS 224 Digital Writing and Rhetoric
IMS 411 Visual Rhetoric
JRN 101 Introduction to Journalism
JRN 201 Reporting and News Writing I
MAC 146 Media Aesthetics
MAC 301 Journalism Law and Ethics
STC 262 Mass Media Research
STC 437 Advocacy in Contemporary America
STC 459 PRISM Advanced Public Relations Capstone

International Studies:

ATH 175 Peoples of the World
ART 188 History of Western Art: Renaissance to Modern
ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 202 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 344 International Economic Relations
HST 198 World History Since the 1500s
ITS 201 Introduction to International Studies
ITS 301 Intercultural Relations
ITS 365 Ideologies and World Order
ITS 402 International Studies Capstone on International Tourism
POL 271 World Politics
POL 333 Politics of Western Europe


SPN 201 Second Year Spanish
SPN 202 Second Year Spanish
SPN 311 Grammar Review and Introductory Composition
SPN 315 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
SPN 351 Cultural History of Spain I
SPN 352 Cultural History of Spain II
SPNT01 Art and Artists (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
SPNT02 Images of Spain in Contemporary Film (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
SPNT03 Advanced Spanish (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Extra Courses:

ARB 101 Elementary Arabic I
BOT 131 Plants, Humanity and Environment
EDL 100 Career Development
GLG 111 The Dynamic Earth
GLG 115L Understanding the Earth
GLG 121 Environmental Geology
STA 261 Statistics

Transfer Credits:

ENG 111 College Composition
ENG 112 Composition and Literature
GEO 111 World Regional Geography
MTH 104 Precalculus with Algebra
PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology
SOC 151 Social Relations